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The cove Video/Film , DVD in English

Lionsgate ; Roadside Attractions ; Participant Media ; Oceanic Preservation Society… 2009.

In a sleepy lagoon off the coast of Japan is a highly guarded secret. During the night, Taiji fishermen engage in an unseen hunt for thousands of dolphins. The work is so horrifying, the fishermen will stop at nothing to keep it hidden from the outside world. When a team of elite…
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QL737.C432C68 2009 c. 1
Closed Audiovisual Collection

QL737.C432C68 2009 c. 2

Genbaku no ko Video/Film , DVD in Japanese

Kindai Eiga Kyōkai, Gekidan "Mingei" kyōdō sakuhin ; seikasu, Yoshimura Kōzaburō ;… [2006?]

  • 原爆の子:Children of Hiroshima = 原子弹爆炸下的儿童
  • 近代映画協会, 劇團"民芸"協同作品 ; 製作, 吉村公三郎 ; 脚本, 監督, 新藤兼人
The film focuses squarely on the devastation of Hiroshima city by the A-bomb, depicting the people dealing with the aftermath, including a dying girl praying for the humanity's peace and a shoeshine boy working hard for his poor surviving family members. The screenplay was based…
Closed Audiovisual Collection

D767.25.H6 C45 2006 c. 1

Godzilla vs. Hedorah Video/Film , DVD in English

a Toho Co., Ltd. Production ; producer, Tomoyuki Tanaka ; screenplay by Kaoru Mabuchi &… [2004]

From Earth's pollution a new monster is spawned. Hedorah, the smog monster, destroys Japan and fights Godzilla while spewing his poisonous gas to further the damage.
Closed Audiovisual Collection

PN1997.2 .G63 2004 c. 1

Grave of the fireflies Hotaru no haka Video/Film , DVD in Japanese , English

kikaku seisaku Satō Ryōichi ; gensaku Nosaka Akiyuki ; kyakuhon kantoku Takahata Isao. [2002], 1988.

Two orphans in war-time Kobe, Japan, face fire-bombs, hunger, homelessness, and despair as the war and their lives come to an end.
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  • disc 1-2 in one container
Zakka Films; produced by Higashi Productions ... [et al.] ; directed by Noriaki… [2011], ©2011.

  • 水俣:患者さんとその世界 = Minamata : the victims and their world
  • Zakka Films ; produced by Higashi Productions ... [et al.] ; directed by Noriaki Tsuchimoto
Documentary film on toxic pollution in Minamata, Japan caused by the fertilizer company Chisso, which was responsible for releasing mercury-polluted industrial waste water into Minamata Bay and out to the Sea of Shiranu -- a happening that would eventually develop into the worst…
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RA1231.M5 M56 2011 c. 1

Nihon chinbotsu = Sinking of Japan Video/Film , DVD in Japanese

TBS Pictures ; directed by Shinji Higuchi. [2010]

  • 日本沈没:Sinking of Japan
  • TBS Pictures ; directed by Shinji Higuchi
"In the aftermath of a major earthquake, a young girl and the captain of a submarine are rescued. It transpires the earthquake is a minor precursor to far greater devastation with the scientific community predicting that Japan will sink without trace in less than a year. As…
Closed Audiovisual Collection

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PN1997.N5 2010 c. 1
David W. Edgington. 2010.

Edgington, David W.

"Six thousand people died and hundreds of thousands lost their homes when an earthquake hit Kobe in January 1995. The Hanshin Earthquake was the largest disaster to affect postwar Japan and one of the most destructive postwar natural disasters to strike a developed country.…
Eisenhower B Level

DS897.K61257 E34 2010 c. 1

Three films by Hiroshi Teshigahara Video/Film , DVD in Japanese

Janus Films ; Toho ; Sogetsu Foundation. 2007.

Pitfall: When a miner leaves his employer and treks out with his young son to become a migrant worker, he finds himself moving from one eerie landscape to another, intermittently followed (and photographed) by an enigmatic man in a clean, white suit, and eventually coming…
Closed Audiovisual Collection

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  • disc 1-4 in two containers
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  • Accompanies DVD that has the call number: DVD 3421
  • 1 v.

Tokyo magnitude 8.0 Video/Film , DVD in Japanese , English

Masaki Tachibana, director ; Noriko Ozaki, Yuichiro Matsuka, producers ; produced by… 2013

The devastation is unleashed in the span of seconds. Yielding to centuries of unrelenting pressure, an ancient rift in the Earth gives way and a force equivalent to over a thousand atomic bombs erupts beneath the feet of the citizens of the world's largest mega cities! For the…
Closed Audiovisual Collection

PN1992.77 .T65 2013 disc 1-3 c. 1

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