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All about my mother Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

written and directed by Pedro Almódovar. 1999

In an instant, nurse Manuela loses the teenage son she raised on her own. Grief-stricken, she sets out to search for the boy's long-lost father in Barcelona, where she reawakens into a new maternal role, at the head of a surrogate family that includes a pregnant, HIV-positive…

Broken embraces Video/Film , DVD in Spanish , French

Sony Pictures Classics ; produced by Esther García ; written and directed by Pedro… ©2010.

Fourteen years ago, he had two names: Harry Caine, the pseudonym he used for his literary works, and Mateo Blanco, his real name, which he used to direct films. But that was before the accident when he lost his sight and his beloved Lena. Now he goes only by Harry Caine. If he…


Carne trémula Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

MGM ; Goldwyn Films ; El Deseo S.A. presenta una coproducción El Deseo, CIBY… 1997

The lives of five people are intertwined by romance, friendship and rivalry. Victor has fallen for a woman, Elena. Elena wants nothing to do with Victor and she calls the cops when he shows up at her apartment. The two cops that show up are David and Sancho. Sancho is a chronic,…

La flor de mi secreto The flower of my secret Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Sony Pictures Classics ; una coproduccion El Deseo S.A. y CIBY 2000 ; guión y… [2005]

"Leo writes romance novels - but with a loveless marriage, she finds herself fresh out of inspiration. Angel is a tough and gruff journalist with an iron will and a heart of gold. When their paths cross, they discover something neither had expected - a real-life love…

Hable con ella Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Sony Pictures Classics ; una producción el Deseo, S.A. con la participación de Vía… 2003.

In a private clinic Barco and Benigno strike up a friendship while caring for comatose women.

Julieta Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Sony Pictures Classics ; en asociación con FilmNation Entertainment, Echo Lake… 2016

Julieta lives in Madrid with her daughter Antia. They both suffer in silence over the loss of Xoan, Antia's father and Julieta's husband. At times, grief doesn't bring people closer, it drives them apart.

La ley del deseo Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Sony Pictures Classics ; una coproducción El Deseo, S.A. y Lauren Films ; Lauren Films… [2009]

Though Pablo is in love with Juan, his affection is not reciprocated. After taking up with Antonio, Pablo temporarily loses his memory when a jealous Antonio seeks out Juan and violence occurs. When Pablo's memory returns he discovers that Antonio has taken up with his sister…


Matador Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

Compañía Iberoamericana de TV in collaboration with Televisión Española. 2000.

"Trainee bullfighter Angel, sexually repressed and mother-fixated, is taunted about his suspected homosexuality by his instructor, Diego Montes. To prove his masculinity, he attempts to assault Diego's girlfriend. Failing in his attempt and consumed by guilt he confesses to…
Laurenfilm, El Deseo, S.A. presentan ; un film de Pedro Almodóvar. 1988

When a woman's lover leaves her, she discovers that the police are looking for her because of his criminal activities. After talking to a female lawyer, she discovers that her lawyer is her old lover's new girlfriend.

Pain and glory = Dolor y gloria Video/Film , DVD in Spanish , French

El Deseo presenta ; un film de Almodóvar ; productor, Agustín Almodóvar ; guion y… 2019

It tells of a series of reencounters experienced by Salvador Mallo, a film director in his physical decline. Some of them in the flesh, others remembered: his childhood in the '60s, when he emigrated with his parents to a village in Valencia in search of prosperity, the first…
Kaktus Producciones Cinematográphicas S.A. ; Tesauro S.A. ; producer, Hervé Hachuel ;… 2003.

An absurd black comedy that centers on Gloria, a very resourceful working class housewife and cleaning woman, who is hooked on amphetamines and must contend with her crazy family.

The skin I live in = La piel que habito Video/Film , Blu-ray , DVD in Spanish , French

Sony Pictures Classics ; El Deseo presenta ; un film de Alomodóvar ; dirigida por Pedro… 2011

Since his wife was burned in a car crash, Dr. Robert Ledgard, an eminent plastic surgeon, has wanted to create a new skin with which he could have saved her. After twelve years, he cultivates a skin that is a real shield against every assault. Now, besides the years of study and…

Tie me up! Tie me down! Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

El Deseo, S.A. presents ; producer, Agustín Almodóvar ; written and directed by Pedro… 2014

"Después de pasarse media vida huyendo de los orfanatos, Ricky...un joven impulsivo y decidido, vive obsesionado con Marina...una actriz con quien se acostó una vez. Para conseguir su amor decide raptarla y encerrarla en su propia casa. Pero la ausencia de Marina pronto…

Volver Video/Film , DVD in Spanish

El Deseo S.A. with the participation of Canal+ España ; Ministerio de Cultura ;… [2007]

Raimunda lives in Madrid with her daughter Paula and her drunk husband Paco. Her sister, Sole, is separated and works clandestinely as a hairstylist for women. Years ago, in the sisters birth village, they lost their parents in a fire in La Mancha. Their aunt, Paula, still lives…
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