061.248.01, Spring 2022

Yasinsky, Karen, Spring 2022
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Chekhovskie motivy Video/Film , DVD in Russian

Kinostudii͡a "Nikola filʹm", Odesskai͡a kinostudii͡a khudozhestvennykh filʹmov ;… 2003.

  • Чеховские мотивы
  • Киностудия "Никола фильм", Одесская киностудия художественных фильмов ; продюсер, Игорь Каленов ; режиссер-постановщик, Кира Муратова
A young student must ask for money from his tight-fisted father; an opera tenor gets married in a church, but there is one unexpected guest--his previous lover, who has recently committed suicide.
Closed Audiovisual Collection

PN1997.2.C445 2003 c. 1

Have a nice day alone Video/Film , VHS in English

A pulsing visual field floats a text about speech. On the soundtrack are song, laughter, snatches of dialog and a robotic voice that talks about speech. A child appears and interacts with the voice.
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Video A5773 c. 1

Peggy & Fred in hell the prologue Video/Film , VHS in English

[presented by] Electronic Arts Intermix ; Leslie Thornton. 2001?]

Thornton, Leslie.

First segment in a futuristic series features two children who are the sole inhabitants of a surreal, post-apocalyptic realm cluttered with a technological-consumer jumble of late 20th century icons.
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Video A5789 c. 1
Electroic Arts Intermix presents ; Leslie Thornton. 2004.

In this installment of Peggy and Fred in Hell, Thornton integrates eclectic appropriated texts into her narrative realm, including the soundtrack from Roman Polanski's The Tenant and a fragment of silent film, Introducing, Pete the penguin. Peggy and Fred wander through a series…
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Video A6087 c. 1

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