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Aronhime, Lawrence, Spring 2022
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb. 2005.

Taleb, Nassim Nicholas, 1960-

This work has shaken Wall Street thanks to its contention that much of what people perceive as skill playing the markets is often nothing more than luck.
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HG4521.T285 2005 c. 1
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HG4521.T285 2005 c. 2

A short history of financial euphoria Book , Print in English

John Kenneth Galbraith. 1993.

Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006.

1. The Speculative Episode -- 2. The Common Denominators -- 3. The Classic Cases, I: The Tulipomania; John Law and the Banque Royale -- 4. The Classic Cases, II: The Bubble -- 5. The American Tradition -- 6. 1929 -- 7. October Redux -- 8. Reprise.
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