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Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes Video/Film , DVD in German

ein Film von Werner Herzog. 2000.

A band of Spanish conquistadors, led by Pizarro, go up the Amazon in search of gold. As the soldiers battle starvation, Indians, the forces of nature and each other, Don Lope de Aguirre (the self-styled "Wrath of God") is consumed by visions of conquering all of South America and…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.A315 2000 c. 1

Atanarjuat The fast runner Video/Film , DVD in Inuktitut

Igloolik Isuma Productions presents a National Film Board of Canada co-production ;… 2003.

A small nomadic community is cursed by an unknown shaman. When Atanarjuat falls in love with a woman already promised to the son of the clan's leader, he has to fight for her. She is won by Atanarjuat and the leader plots to attack him in his sleep. Escaping, he sets off running…
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PN1997.A23F377 c. 2
PN1997.A23F377 c. 1

Chac Video/Film , DVD in Mayan languages

a Milestone Film release ; writer, producer and director, Rolando Klein ; produced by… 2001.

Based on ritual and legends from the Popul vuh and Mayan stories, the film focuses on a small Tzeltal village during a terrible drought. Desperate for relief, thirteen men set out on a quest to save their people by seeking a solitary diviner who lives in the mountains and knows…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.F67 C433 2001 c. 1

The Emperor's new groove Video/Film , DVD in English , French

Walt Disney Pictures presents ; directed by Mark Dindal ; produced by Randy Fullmer ;… 2005.

The emperor is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator and must regain his throne with the help of a llama herder. Includes never-before-seen footage and a sneak peek at Kronk's New Groove.
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.E4686 2005 c. 1
story written and picture made in 1914 by Edward S. Curtis ; edited by Professor George… 2000.

Presents an epic saga of Kwakiutl Indian life on the northwest coast of America as filmed in the summer of 1914 at Kwakiutl villages on Vancouver Island, Canada, by Edward S. Curtis who spent three years with the Kwakiutl to meticulously recreate their way of life before the…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

E99.K9 .I6 2000 c. 1

Inca mummies secrets of the lost world Video/Film , DVD in English

ArgoFilms ; NGHT, Inc. ; producer, writer, director, Allison Argo. 2014.

Take a spectacular journey to the heart of the Andes where archeologists race against time to unearth mummies and artifacts that shed light on the amazing Inca. Follows new mummy discoveries in a town's schoolyard to a landmark expedition to Vilcabamba, the final refuge of the…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

F3429.3.M8 I53 2014 c. 1

The Indian in the cupboard Video/Film , DVD in English , French , Spanish

Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures present ; a Kennedy/Marshall production ; in… 2004.

On his 9th birthday, Omri receives a cupboard that magically brings his toy Indian Little Bear to life. They bond, embarking on an amazing adventure, until Omri's friend Patrick brings a 6-shooting cowboy to life and the secret of the cupboard is in danger of being revealed.
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997 .I52x 2004 c. 1

Little Big Man Video/Film , DVD in English

Cinema Center Films ; produced by Stuart Millar ; writer, Calder Willingham ; directed… 2003.

Jack Crabb is 121 years old. And he's done it all. He's been a full-fledged Cheyenne, an Indian fighter, a snake oil merchant, master gunman, drinking buddy of wild Bill Hickock, colleague of Buffalo Bill, and is the only survivor of Custer's Last Stand. Crabb is either the Old…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.W4 L57 2003 c. 1

Lost king of the Maya Video/Film , DVD in English

a NOVA production by Province Pictures, Inc. for WGBH/Boston ; Maya lords of the jungle… [2007]

Containing two programs including Lost King of the Maya and Maya Lords of the Jungle, get a closer look at the civilization and the rule of the ancient Mayan people.
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

F1435.1.C7 L67 2007 c. 1

One flew over the cuckoo's nest Video/Film , DVD in English

United Artists ; Fantasy Films presents a Milos Forman film ; screenplay by Lawrence… 1997.

The story of a man whose rebelliousness pits him against the head nurse of a mental ward and the full spectrum of institutional repression.
Eisenhower Closed Audiovisual Collection

PN1995.9.M463 O54 1997 c. 1
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.M463 O54 1997 c. 2

Reel injun Video/Film , DVD in English

Rezolution Pictures International Inc. in co-production with the National Film Board of… 2009

A provocative look at Hollywood's depiction of Native Americans, Reel Injun journeys through a century of cinema to set the record straight. Traveling through the heartland of the U.S., to the Black Hills and Monument Valley, Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond examines how the myth of…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.I48 R44 2010 c. 1

The royal hunt of the sun Video/Film , DVD in English

Cinema Center Films presents; a Royal Films production ; with Benmar Productions, ltd. ;… 1969

Fueld by promises of gold, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and his explorers venture across the treacherous Andes Mountains to Peru. There, Pizarro captures King Atahuallpa, Inca's godlike monarch, and promises his freedom upon the deliverance of gold. But friendship and…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997 .R6935 2014 c. 1

Secret of the Incas Video/Film , DVD in English

Paramount Pictures Corporation ; screenplay by Ranald MacDougall and Sydney Boehm ;… 1954

"After securing some business at the Cuzco, Peru, airport, tough American tour guide Harry Steele is summoned to a cantina by old acquaintance Ed Morgan. Down-and-out Ed tells Harry about a job involving an escaped Romanian woman, who is on her way to Cuzco from La Paz, then…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.A3 S437 2013 c. 1

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