061.313.01, Fall 2022

Bucknell, Lucy, Fall 2022
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Annie Hall Video/Film , DVD in English , French

United Artists ; a Jack Rollins-Charles H. Joffe production ; written by Woody Allen and… 1977

Alvy Singer is one of Manhattan's most brilliant comedians, but when it comes to romance, his delivery needs a little work. Introduced by his best friend, Rob, Alvy falls in love with the ditzy but delightful nightclub singer Annie Hall. When Alvy's own insecurities sabotage the…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.C55 A553 2011 c. 1

Crooklyn Video/Film , DVD in English

Universal Pictures presents ; a 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks production ; in… 2006.

A bold, flavorful picture of family life in a crowded but cozy Brooklyn neighborhood nicknamed "Crooklyn" by the Carmichaels, who experience one very special summer in their hometown under difficult but often wonderful circumstances.
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997 .C766 2006 c. 1

Lost in translation Video/Film , DVD in English

Focus Features presents in association with Tohokushinsha an American Zoetrope/Elemental… 2003.

A middle-aged actor and the wife of a photographer meet while on business in Tokyo. They strike up an unusual friendship in the hotel bar that helps them both overcome boredom and loneliness.
Friedheim -- AV Stacks

Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.A23L68277 c. 3

Mean streets Video/Film , DVD in English

Warner Bros. Pictures ; Taplin-Perry-Scorsese Productions ; Martin Scorsese and Mardik… 2004.

Charlie, a 27-year-old, tries to work his way up the bottom rungs of organized crime's ladder. Amy Robinson is Teresa, the girlfriend Charlie's family declares "unsuitable" because she has epilepsy.
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.M4354 2004 c. 1

Minari Video/Film , DVD in English , Korean

A24 presents ; a Plan B production ; written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung ; produced… 2020

A tender and sweeping story about what roots people that follows a Korean-American family that moves to a tiny Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. The family home changes completely with the arrival of their sly, foul-mouthed, but incredibly loving grandmother.…
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Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.2.M56 2021 c. 1

Pariah Video/Film , DVD in English

Focus Features presents ; Northstar Pictures, Inc and Sundial Pictures present, in… 2011

Alike is a 17-year-old African-American woman who lives with her parents and younger sister in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood. She has a flair for poetry, and is a good student at her local high school. Alike is quietly but firmly embracing her identity as a lesbian.…
Closed Audiovisual Collection

PN1997.2.P3753 2012 c. 2
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.2.P3753 2012 c. 1

Les quatre cents coups The 400 blows Video/Film , DVD in French

S.E.D.I.F. and Les Films du carrosse. 1999.

Fourteen-year-old Antoine Doinet lives in a cramped apartment with his mother and stepfather, neglected by them and unlucky at school. Living an intense imaginative life of his own he gets into trouble and is finally committed to reform school from which he escapes and runs…
Closed Audiovisual Collection

PN1995.9.F67 Q8 1999 c. 3
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1995.9.F67 Q8 1999 c. 2

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