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Pearsall, Sarah, Fall 2022
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Tiya Miles. 2021

Miles, Tiya, 1970-

"In 1850s South Carolina, just before nine-year-old Ashley was sold, her mother, Rose, gave her a sack filled with just a few things as a token of her love. Decades later, Ashley's granddaughter, Ruth, embroidered this history on the bag--including Rose's message that "It be…
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E445.S7 M55 2021 c. 1
Anne F. Hyde. 2022

Hyde, Anne Farrar, 1960-

"A revealing history of the West that pivots on Native peoples and the mixed families they made with European settlers. There is mixed blood at the heart of America. And at the heart of Native life for centuries there were complex households using marriage to link communities and…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

F591.H993 2022 c. 1
Nicole Eustace. 2021

Eustace, Nicole,

"An immersive tale of the killing of a Native American man and its far-reaching consequences for Colonial America. In the summer of 1722, on the eve of a conference between the Five Nations of the Iroquois and British-American colonists, two colonial fur traders brutally attacked…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

HV6524 .E78 2021 c. 1
John Wood Sweet. 2022

Sweet, John Wood, 1966-

"A riveting historical drama that tells the story of the first rape trial on record in American history and the fault lines of class privilege and gender bias that it exposed, showing how much has changed over two centuries and how much has not"--
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

KF223.B43 S94 2022 c. 1

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