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D.B. Sirdeshmukh, L. Sirdeshmukh, K.G. Subhadra, C.S. Sunandana. 2014

Sirdeshmukh, D. B. (Dinker B.), 1935-

This book about electrical, electronic and magnetic properties of solids gives guidance to understand the electrical conduction processes and magnetism in a whole range of solids: ionic solids, metals, semiconductors, fast-ion conductors and superconductors. The experimental…
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QC176.8.E35 S57 2014 c. 1
Marc J. Madou. ©2012.

Madou, Marc J.

"Providing a clear theoretical understanding of MEMS and NEMS, Solid-State Physics, Fluidics, and Analytical Techniques in Micro- and Nanotechnology covers all aspects of solid state physics behind nanotechnology and science. After exploring the rise of Si, MEMS, and NEMS in a…
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  • v.1-3
Jorge López Gallardo and Miguel Castro Colín ; [edited by Visual Physics]. 2013

López, Jorge Alberto.

Chapter 1: Radiation and particles -- Chapter 2: Basic Processes -- Chapter 3: X Ray Fluorescence -- Chapter 4: X ray photoelectron spectroscopy -- Chapter 5: Auger Spectroscopy-- Appendix 1: Vacuum Technology -- Appendix 2: Atomic Data -- Appendix 3: Comparison of Techniques…
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QC451 .L67 2013 c. 1
edited by Günter Mahler, Volkhard May, Michael Schreiber. ©1996.

Physical systems and information theory / Günter Mahler, Volkhard May, and Michael Schreiber -- Algorithms, data and hypotheses : learning in open worlds / Heinz Mühlenbein -- Synthetic nanostructures as quantum control systems / Günter Mahler…
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TK7874.8.M665 1996 c. 1
Eugenie Samuel Reich. 2009.

Reich, Eugenie Samuel.

"Jan Hendrik Schon was a wunderkind physicist at the world-renowned Bell Laboratories when he claimed to have discovered an easy method for making transistors, the switches that power computer chips. Had his experiments worked, they would have paved the way for huge advances in…
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QC16.S26456 R45 2009 c. 1
Joshua Schimel. ©2012.

Schimel, Joshua.

'Writing Science' is a guide to succeeding in modern science. It equips science students, scientists, and professionals across a wide range of scientific and technical fields with the tools needed to communicate effectively.
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T11.S35 2012 c. 2
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T11.S35 2012 c. 3

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