140.301, Fall 2022

Principe, Lawrence, Fall 2022
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David C. Lindberg. 2007.

Lindberg, David C.

David C. Lindberg surveys the most important themes in the history of science, including developments in cosmology, astronomy, mechanics, optics, alchemy, natural history and medicine. In addition, he offers an account of the transmission of Greek science to medieval Islam and…
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Q124.95.L55 2007 c. 1
Institute of the History of Medicine Books - Stack Level 8, Welch Library

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Due: Nov 22 2022
Q124.95 .L55 2007 c. 1

Timaeus and Critias Book , Print in English

Plato. 2008.


"The Timaeus-Critias is a Platonic treatise in two parts. A response to an account of an ideal state told by Socrates, it begins with Timaeus' theoretical exposition of the cosmos and his story describing the creation of the universe, from its very beginning to the coming into…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

B387.A5 L43 2008 c. 1

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