190.668.01, Fall 2022

Brendese, P.J., Fall 2022, Connolly, William, Fall 2022
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Dipesh Chakrabarty. 2021

Chakrabarty, Dipesh,

"For the past decade, no thinker has had a greater influence on debates about the meaning of climate change in the humanities than the historian Dipesh Chakrabarty. Climate change, he has argued, upends our ideas about history, modernity, and globalization, and confronts…
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QC903 .C373 2021 c. 1

Confessions Book , Print in English

Saint Augustine ; translated with an introduction by Garry Wills. 2008.

Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430.

Presents an English translation of the Latin text of fourth-century bishop Saint Augustine's autobiographical prose-poem in which he traces his journey from sin to Christianity.
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

BR65.A6 E5 2008 c. 1

The conquest of America : the question of the other Book , Print in English , French

Tzvetan Todorov ; translated from the French by Richard Howard. 1984.

Todorov, Tzvetan, 1939-

Eisenhower B Level

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E123 .T6313 1984 c. 1
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

E123.T613 1984 c. 2

Metamorphoses Book , Print in English

Ovid ; translated and with notes by Charles Martin ; introduction by Bernard Knox. 2005.

Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.

The shaping of changes. -- Of mortal children and immortal lusts. -- The wrath of Juno. -- Spinning yarns and weaving tales. -- Contests of arms and song. -- Of praise and punishment. -- Of the ties that bind. -- Impious acts and exemplary lives.…
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PA6522.M2 M44 2005 c. 1
Amitav Ghosh. 2021

Ghosh, Amitav, 1956-

"The Nutmeg's Curse: Parables for a Planet in Crisis frames climate change and the Anthropocene as the culmination of a history that begins with the discovery of the New World and of the sea route to the Indian Ocean. Ghosh makes the case that the political dynamics of climate…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

JC359 .G464 2021 c. 1

Theogony Book , Print in English

Hesiod ; translated, with an introd., by Norman O. Brown. 1953.


Eisenhower D Level

PB 2009 .T5 B7 1953 c. 2
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PB2009.T5 B7 1953 c. 1

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