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Eveline Sint Nicolaas, Valika Smeulders ; Maria Holtrop, Stephanie Archangel, Lisa… 2021

"What did a woman living and working in slavery know about her 'owner' over in the Dutch Republic? What did a refiner in Amsterdam know of the conditions in which the raw sugar he processed was produced? And what did a freedom fighter on Curaçao know of the struggle for equal…
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HT1203.S53 2021 c. 1
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HT1203.S53 2021 c. 2
Julie Berger Hochstrasser. 2007.

Hochstrasser, Julie.

"The still-life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age depict tables richly laid with products from the far corners of the earth, products attesting to the vast scope of the Dutch trade network. These pictures reveal much more about Dutch society and capitalist culture of the…
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ND1393.N43 H63 2007 c. 1

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