190.615.01, Spring 2023

Barkawi, Tarak, Spring 2023
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Changjin Hu = The battle at Lake Changjin Video/Film , Blu-ray in Chinese

zhi pian shang Beijing Bona ying ye ji tuan you xian gong si, Ba yi dian ying zhi pian… 2021

  • 長津湖:The battle at Lake Changjin
  • 製片商 北京博納影業集團有限公司, 八一電影製片廠, 華夏電影發行有限責任公司, 中國電影股份有限公司, 上海電影集團有限公司, 阿里巴巴影業(北京)有限公司 ; 監製/導演 陳凱歌, 徐克, 林超賢 ; [編劇 蘭曉龍黃建新]
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  • Musr be used with Blu-ray player.
PN1997.2.C436 2022 c. 1

The conquest of America : the question of the other Book , Print in English , French

Tzvetan Todorov ; translated from the French by Richard Howard. 1984.

Todorov, Tzvetan, 1939-

Eisenhower B Level

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Due: Jun 30 2023
E123 .T6313 1984 c. 1
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

E123.T613 1984 c. 2
Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker. 2000.

Linebaugh, Peter.

"Long before the American Revolution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man, a motley crew of sailors, slaves, pirates, laborers, market women, and indentured servants had ideas about freedom and equality that would forever change history. The Many Headed-Hydra recounts their…
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Due: May 31 2023
HC254.5.L715 2000 c. 1
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

HC254.5.L715 2000 c. 1

My way Video/Film , DVD in Korean , Japanese , English

CJ entertainment ; SK Planet ; produced by Kang Je-Kyu, Kim Yong-Hwa, Choi Jin-Wha ;… 2011

Inspired by a true story. Jun Shik works for Tatsuo's grandfather's farm while Korea is colonized by Japan, but he has a dream to participate in Tokyo Olympics as a marathon runner. Tatsuo also aims to become a marathon runner, so the two are in rivalry. But war breaks out and…
Eisenhower M Level Reserves

PN1997.2.M9 2011 c. 1

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