200.340.01, Spring 2023

Haskins, Deborah, Spring 2023
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Frederick T.L. Leong, editor-in-chief, Lillian Comas-Díaz, Gordon C. Nagayama Hall,… 2014

"Consistent with the goals for the APA Handbooks in Psychology" series, the purpose of the two-volume APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology is to present the best science and best practice within this cross-cutting perspective of psychology. Volume 1, covering theory and…
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Beverly Daniel Tatum. 2017

Tatum, Beverly Daniel,

"The classic, bestselling book on the psychology of racism-now fully revised and updated. Walk into any racially mixed high school and you will see Black, White, and Latino youth clustered in their own groups. Is this self-segregation a problem to address or a coping strategy?…
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