190.355.01, Spring 2023

Chung, Erin, Spring 2023
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Citizenship and immigration Book , Print in English

Christian Joppke. 2010.

Joppke, Christian.

"This book provides a succinct overview of the new academic field of citizenship and immigration, as well as presenting a fresh and original argument about changing citizenship in our contemporary human rights era." "Instead of being nationally resilient or in postnational…
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JF801.J67 2010 c. 1
edited by Frank Dikötter ; consulting editor Barry Sautman. 1997.

Racial discourse in China: continuities and permutations / Frank Dikötter -- Imagining boundaries of blood: Zhang Binglin and the invention of the Han 'Race' in modern China / Kai-wing Chow -- Youtai: the myth of the 'Jew' in modern China / Zhou Xun…
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Due: Jun 30 2023
DS730 .C64 1997 c. 1
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DS730 .C64 1997 c. 2
Saul Newman. 1996.

Newman, Saul.

1. Ethnoregional Politics in Democracies -- 2. The Scottish National Party: Ethnic Politics and Class Conflict -- 3. Belgium: Ethnic Conflict and Elite Accommodation -- 4. The Parti Quebecois: Electoral Success and Policy Failure in a Hybrid System…
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JC 311 .N492 1996 c. 1
Yasemin Nuhoğlu Soysal. 1994.

Soysal, Yasemin Nuhoğlu.

1. Introduction -- 2. International Migration and the Nation-State System -- 3. Explaining Incorporation Regimes -- 4. Discourses and Instruments of Incorporation -- 5. The Organization of Incorporation -- 6. The Collective Organization of Migrants…
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JN 94 .A92 S691 1994 c. 1
Roberto G. Gonzales ; with a foreword by Jose Antonio Vargas. 2016

Gonzales, Roberto G., 1969-

"Over two million of the nation's eleven million undocumented immigrants have lived in the United States since childhood. Due to a broken immigration system, they grow up to uncertain futures. In Lives in Limbo, Roberto G. Gonzales introduces us to two groups: the college-goers,…
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JV6600 .G66 2016 c. 1
Oxana Shevel. 2011.

Shevel, Oxana.

"Why do similar postcommunist states respond differently to refugees, with some being more receptive than others? Why do some states privilege certain refugee groups, while other states do not? This book presents a theory to account for this puzzle, and it centers on the role of…
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DJK51 .S545 2011 c. 1
Erik Bleich. 2003.

Bleich, Erik.

This text provides the first detailed historical exploration of race policy development in Britain and France.
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DA125.A1 B595 2003 c. 1
Mark Q. Sawyer. 2006.

Sawyer, Mark Q., 1972-

"Using interviews, as well as survey and archival research, this book analyzes race relations under the Castro regime and places the Cuban revolution in a comparative and international framework. In doing so, Sawyer challenges other scholarly arguments either that the regime has…
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F1789.A1 S29 2005 c. 1

Racism and society Book , Print in English

John Solomos and Les Back. 1996.

Solomos, John.

1. Theoretical Perspectives -- 2. Historical Perspectives -- 3. Social Relations and Racial Inequality -- 4. Racism, Class and Political Action -- 5. Racism and Anti-Racism -- 6. Identity, Hybridity and New Ethnicities -- 7. Race, Racism and Popular Culture…
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HT1521.S548 1996b c. 1
Sener Aktürk. 2012

Aktürk, Sener,

Regimes of ethnicity: comparative analysis of Germany, Soviet Union, post-Soviet Russia, and Turkey -- The challenges to the monoethnic regime in Germany, 1955 -- 1982…
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JN34.7.A57 2012 c. 1
Andreas Wimmer. 2013.

Wimmer, Andreas.

"Why did the nation-state emerge and proliferate across the globe? How is this process related to the wars fought in the modern era? This book offers a new perspective on these issues. Analyzing datasets that cover the entire world over long stretches of time, Andreas Wimmer…
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JC311.W469 2013 c. 1

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