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ME:800.600 Molecules & Cells, Metabolism Section

Pederson, P. & Raben, Daniel
SOM Reserve Collection

1. Biochemistry Book , Print in English

Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Lubert Stryer. 2006 .

Berg, Jeremy M. (Jeremy Mark), 1958-

Pamela C. Champe, Richard A. Harvey, Denise R. Ferrier. 2005 .

Champe, Pamela C.

Unit I Protein structure and function -- Ch. 1 Amino acids -- Ch. 2 Structure of proteins -- Ch. 3 Globular proteins -- Ch. 4 Fibrous proteins -- Ch. 5 Enzymes -- Unit II Intermediary metabolism -- Ch. 6 Bioenergetics and oxidative phosphorylation…

3. Lehninger principles of biochemistry Book , Print in English

David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox. 2005 .

Lehninger, Albert L.

New edition of what is often considered the single best text on biochemistry, focusing on communicating to students the fundamentals of biochemistry in a way that reflects the field as it is understood today. Major recent advances covered range from the draft sequence of the…

4. Metabolism at a glance Book , Print in English

J.G. Salway ; foreword by D.K. Granner. 2004 .

Salway, J. G.

edited by Thomas M. Devlin. 2006 .